There is no Smart Factory without RecoSense

RecoSense (developed by MagiCom LLC) is an innovative location system, which relies on infrared identification, resulting in accurate and real time location tracking. With it’s help, you can bring your warehouse or manufacturing plant’s efficiency to a new level.

Business efficiency above all

In a modern warehouse, it's crucial to be able to track assets, and to monitor and eliminate wasted time and resources through analysis. With RecoSense, we know which assets, at which time and at what position are located within a company or warehouse. Our main profile is intralogistics inventory management, providing our customers with data that they can use to create value.

Tailored for your needs, this is not a simple confection

RecoSense is not just a simple out of the boksz product. We tailor the system to our customers’ needs in every case, providing a fully personalized solution. Our professionals assess the currently used softwares and hardwares being used, evaluate the whole environment, the rooms and processes, where the tracking will take place. We then plan the unique hardware ecosystem for installing our cameras and tagging devices. Meanwhile, we modify the software, so it best fits the needed output expectations. As a last step we help in integrating the system to your existing logistics and process management systems.

Top 5 benefits of RecoSense


We provide sub-centimeter accuracy even in environments surrounded by metal surfaces. Unlike other, radio frequency based systems, our technology is not affected by surroinding materials.

High asset density

This is the best technology if your trackable assets are located densely and close to each other. RecoSense can differentiate between closely placed TAGs. The only limit is the physical size of our tracking devices.

No radio frequency emission

The RecoSense IRID-RTLS only emits low frequency infrared light, thus it has no effect on any other devices which may be sensitive to radio frequency.

Easy scalability

The coverage can be easily expanded by just installing new cameras. Our hardware hierarchy is simple, expansion requires no advanced replanning.

Unlimited amount of trackable assets

The amount of trackable assets is unlimited.

The team delivering the solutions

Our engineers at RecoSense taylor the system to your needs on both hardware and software levels. Our advisors can help you use the capabilities of the system to achieve higher efficiency and save costs. As a result, your production and logistics system will be more fluent and efficient, resulting in business success.

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Contact details:
Adress: H–1149, Budapest, Pillangó utca 16-20. 1. emelet (Pillangó Irodaház)
Tel.: +36 70 400 0797
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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